Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Liar, Liar...Pants on Fire!!

 Newt is calling Mitt a liar? Gingrich wants to have a “positive “campaign. He just doesn’t want the skeletons to come out. We all know what happened and the truth hurts. Newt Gingrich is trying to make Mitt Romney look like the bad guy for bringing up truthful information that the voters should know.
"I wish he'd be honest with the American people," Gingrich said, adding that negativity is "a terrible way to run for office.”

Just a reminder Gingrich, lack of integrity and adultery is also not a great way to start either.  On Jan. 21, 1997, one of the most memorable days in congressional history, Newt Gingrich became the first House speaker to be reprimanded by his colleagues for ethical misconduct.

The 395-28 vote, to reprimand him for bringing discredit on the House for failing to ensure his use of tax-exempt groups was legal, was historic by itself. But Gingrich's peers didn't stop there. They fined him $300,000 for misleading the House ethics committee and causing it to extend a costly investigation.

"I'm a changed man," said Newt... he just will make sure he doesn’t get caught in the cookie jar next time.

Newt is one of the biggest liars to ever to arise in America...numerous ethical charges...serial adultery...anti constitution ideas...a "frugal" lifestyle with half a million charge account at Tiffany's, encouraged the housing crisis with "historical" advice...and he is calling Romney a liar??

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Protester

Time magazine on Wednesday listed “The Protester” as its “2011 Person of the Year.” If you happened to have been against anything in the past year, you're a winner!

Really? What a wimpy way out. I am not surprise because Time also has given this prize to despicable characters like Hitler, Stalin and the Ayatollah Khomeini. Or to something that isn’t really a person, like “The Computer".

Time never ceases to amaze me in the fact that the magazine continues to be a left-wing media source. ABC reported the event as in recognition of their demonstrations in 2011. Recognition? Yes recognition to the way they handled themselves, creating havoc in cities, drug use and other news worthy events. Wow,  this is all you got Time?

With all of the ugly issues in the world, we still have a lot of good. You had to pick "The Protester"? Most of the people that are "protesting" do not even know what they are protesting about. If asked, the majority have no clue. If we are generalizing a group of people that made a difference in the world, what about the Tea Party Patriots? They changed Congress this last year. What about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who give about 3 billion a year to global causes? What about the millions of American citizens who give and serve every day to make America a better place for our children? No, Time that would be too politically incorrect for you.

Time Magazine, it is about time you take an objective look at the people in our world truly making a difference. Please take the cloudy, dirty and biased glasses off and look at the world the way the rest of society does.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gingrich for President? Really?

Last night's debate was fun to watch as usual. It was interesting to watch Gingrich sit as the elephant in the room as the candidates spoke about integrity and infidelity. Is that important to a presidency? Gingrich was asked that very same question and he replied that it is certainly should be considered. While listening to each candidate's response last night I couldn't help to think that this candidate who cheated on his wife, family and friends, is the front-runner in the most important position in our country.When has it become acceptable to cheat and lie? I am not saying that he should not be forgiven, but can he be trusted? Romney has to constantly defend his religion and the fact that he did not grow up poor? What is wrong with our society, when we cannot accept a person that is living righteous? Is he too good to be true? No, he was raised in a loving, righteous and giving home. What a great example for our country and leaders to follow. We have enough leaders in our government that have lied and cheated. I think that we need to look at all aspects of a person's integrity and that should influence us to make a voting decision. Gingrich's past, is his resume and references for the position of President. The Republican candidates quickly dashed over this last night because challenging Gingrich is not "POLITICALLY CORRECT". When is someone really going to stand up for honest, hardworking individuals that just want to make a difference in our government and country? We are crazy to think that making Gingrich the candidate to beat the Democrats. He too, is one more example of dishonesty and hypocrisy in our government.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why BlondElephant you say??

Well for those of you that know me well, you know that I am a dedicated republican. Those who know me probably have come to know that I am relatively non-confrontational about my views and I tend to let others rant and rave about their views and all the while my brain is complex with a million and one ideas and opinions This blog page is for me to finally let those ideas and opinions out of the closet and out in the open. So here I am!!! A republican, an active voter and yes I am blonde. Thus, I introduce the " BlondElephant". In future blogs, I hope to address every day events that seem to pass by as if they were nothing. I am so surprised about the things that are happening to our society, our country and our world. We need to be to stand up, have an opinion and actually take action. I am so done with the "Politically Correct" crowd that merely speak about issues just to be in the "in". So, with that I have given birth to my blog! Enjoy or hate it, it's up to you!